Ongoing research projects

Improving hygienic management of poultry in rural Uganda: Domestic animals can be a source of nutrition in low-income countries but they can also spread zoonotic diseases. In this randomized controlled trial, we partner with the Water Trust Uganda to understand whether a hygienic poultry management program can effectively reduce infectious disease in young children in rural Uganda. Funded by WASHPaLS.

Impact of improved sanitation on environmental contamination: There is mixed evidence on whether sanitation interventions are effective in reducing contamination with fecal pathogens in the domestic environment. In this project, we use data from the WASH Benefits Bangladesh trial to assess whether on-site sanitation improvements lead to reductions in environmental contamination. Funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and NIH.

Intermittent water supply and waterborne disease: Many piped water systems in low-income countries supply water intermittently, which can lead to water quality problems. In a long-term partnership with the Centre for Multidisciplinary Development Research in Hubli-Dharwad, India, we study how intermittent water supply affects water access, water quality and infectious disease transmission.